I'm a software engineer and web enthusiast who likes tackling big problems with rockstars.I started programming while serving as an infantry (0331) squad leader in the US Marines. I became interested in technology and startups after reading Without Their Permission by Alexis Ohanian, a book about the limited barriers to entry in building online businesses. This pivotal moment led me to study computer science at Dartmouth College after leaving the service.I was an early engineer at Cameo, joining the company in 2017 and leaving in 2023. During my time there, I worked across the stack and helped scale the platform to millions of users. During my last year, I led technology for the company's crypto efforts.Right now I'm working on Cedar as lead engineer. Cedar is a seed-stage company building the operating system for urban development. Send me a message if you're interested in what we're working on, and want to hear more about Cedar.Outside of my professional endeavors, I mentor military veterans, leveraging my experience to guide them through their tech journeys. I also like collecting hot sauce, and boating with my fiancée Maura and my dog George.